“The sound of the farewell to all the restaurants and meeting places that have honoured the old Milan, and longing for the cuisine of Lombardy, has led us to offer… today, the tradition of the past”

The Osteria delle Corti is the ideal place to discover the ancient and original flavours of Lombard cuisine, where our passion, which reaches back to 1992, leads us offer old-fashioned dishes, always seeking the right balance between tradition and haute cuisine. You will be embraced by an intimate and neat place, with warm and reassuring colours: a place where the oldest Lombard recipes live on. You can also choose to enjoy your dinner on our relaxing outdoor terrace.


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We use only first choice ingredients, properly dosed by of our chefs, so every time you come you can enjoy the authentic flavours of the Lombard cuisine. To complete the menu you will find an extensive selection of Italian and seafood plates. Also, depending on the season, we have dishes with the freshest ingredients, like mushrooms or truffles.

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“Nunc vino pellite curas” (Now drown your cares in wine), Orazio, Odes, 1,7,31

We offer a broad selection of wine brands, you can taste the local wines of Valtellina and Franciacortaor enjoy a wine from the Tuscany hills, or the velvety flavours of the Sicilian and Apulian wines. Our wine list includes all the Italian regions to satisfy any preference you may have.

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